Private Capital Markets Awards – are the only national industry awards for private capital markets professionals, which recognize business leaders who help build a vibrant and successful private capital markets in Canada. In 2012, the PCMA launched these national awards as the first and only national industry awards for…

exempt market issuers, dealers and professionals that promote best practices and high standards of conduct in the private capital markets.

Nominees are evaluated based on their leadership in the industry, their contribution to the deal, innovative market, product or investment opportunities created, the benefits of the deal for the issuer and for investors, and the overall impact of the deal on the quality and integrity of the private capital markets. The award selection committee is comprised of independent members of the PCMA and its national Board of Directors.

Capital raised in the private capital/exempt market helps finance economic activity across Canada and is an important contributor to supporting entrepreneurial business, and creating wealth for Canadian investors. The PCMA believes in celebrating and promoting the success stories of the private capital markets. We recognize the professionals behind those successful capital raising transactions and the successful outcomes they generate for issuers, dealers and investors.